Normal pattern of services for St Thomas of Canterbury Church in Goring

1 2 3 4 5 These colour-coded numbers refer to the first, second, third, fourth and fifth Sunday in the month, respectively.


8.00am 135 Holy Communion
At St Thomas' Church, Goring on Sundays 1, 3 and 5; at St Mary's Church, Streatley on Sundays 2 and 4.
9.30am 1 Benefice Family Service (Every month except August.)
9.30am 2 Holy Communion
With crèche and Tom Toms Sunday Club*
9.30am 3 Good News Service
A less formal service without Communion, but with crèche and Tom Toms Sunday Club*
9.30am 4 Holy Communion
With crèche and Tom Toms Sunday Club*
10.30am 5 United Benefice Service
The venue for this service alters so please check the calendar.
4.00pm 1 Evensong
5.30pm 2 'Stillness on Sunday' at St. Mary's Church, Streatley
A quiet half-hour service for reflection, meditation and prayer.

* Crèche and Tom Toms Sunday Club not on first Sundays, and not always available during Christmas, Easter and Summer school holidays.


10.30am Every
United Benefice Holy Communion at St Thomas' Church, Goring
Followed by coffee the first week of the month.


NB. Any changes to the normal pattern may be found in the calendar.


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Good News

Digital recordings of Good News themes that we have had in the past are available.


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